Milwaukee Chapter H.O.G.

H.O.G. #3833 – part of the House of Harley-Davidson

Chapter mtg isnt a mtg, its a drag race!

Hello everyone, side effects

Who’s ready to have some fun at Great Lakes Dragway?!?

Kick stands up will be from the House of Harley at 5pm on Tuesday the 18th. This will not be a Chapter ride, unhealthy we will be riding with House of Harley employees down to the Route 20 Outhouse where we will meet up with the Racine employees and Chapter members. We will then continue on the the drag strip. If we all enter as a group, there will be no admission fee for spectators.

If you can not make the ride or would prefer to come in a car, there will be a limited number of free admission passes at the House of Harley.

Once we are there, there will be no formal meeting. We’ll hang out, watch the races, and have a good time. Some of us may even run our bikes down the track. So, on that note…

If you’d like to take your bike on the track:

-$20 for as many runs as you can get in
-Full face helmet required
-Riding jacket required
-Gloves required
-Your bike must also have a belt guard (most do from the factory) and pass a safety inspection at the track

I hope you are all excited! I know I am!


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