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H.O.G. #3833 – part of the House of Harley-Davidson



The Milwaukee Chapter is dedicated to safe riding in a group or by yourself.  Whether you are a brand new rider or one who’s been riding for decades, we encourage you to take advantage of the training we offer to everyone.  We will offer our popular Group Riding Classes again in 2018.  We will also be adding a Ride Planning seminar, a CPR/AED class, and ASMI Bystander Assistance classes.  Stay tuned to the Chapter website for details as we schedule these classes.  As always, be safe.

Paul “Pauly” Callahan, NREMT
Safety Officer & Road Captain

Release Forms

Click HERE for release forms for ALL non Chapter members and ALL minors (even if they are Chapter members).

 Riding Classes

We strongly encourage all riders to attend training classes to learn to ride and then periodically to freshen up your skills.

Click HERE to visit the House of Harley Riding Academy site.

Once you take a riding class, tadalafil check you can be reimbursed up to $50 (in HOG Bucks) towards the cost of the class.  The form with all the details is here: HOG Safe Rider Skills Form

Safe Riding Resources

(Click on the name to open the link)

Trauma kit list

T-CLOCS Checklist

Accident Scene Management classes

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

AMA Riding Resouces

Motorcycle Tips & Techniques

USDOT Motorcycle Safety Site

Chrome Chonicle Safety Columns

Motorcycle Safety News

State by State Motorcycle Laws

Motorcycle Riders Foundation

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