Milwaukee Chapter H.O.G.

H.O.G. #3833 – part of the House of Harley-Davidson


…to the H.O.G. Milwaukee Chapter #3833! …The Best Chapter in the World! (at least *we* think so)

****NOTE: We've updated the site and you no longer need to "sign-in" to see any content. Feel free to register for the email updates, order  but you don't need to sign-in when you come to the site anymore.****

This page is our blog, about it and you can return to it anytime by clicking the logo or chapter name at the top of the page. Chapter news gets posted here, website like this but most of the good stuff (rides and events) is also on the calendar page…  there’s also information about our people, our Dealership, and more! Hope to see you in person soon–Let’s RIDE!

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